Card Processing for high-risk industries

Card Processing for high-risk industries

Start accepting payments (Card processing) online with credit and debit card from customers around the world. Easy, fast, and secure.
We can support merchant with easy sign-up, regardless of their processing volumes, trades or geographical locations.

Payment Card Processing for High-Risk Industries
(Gambling, Forex, Crypto, Dating both regulated  and non-regulated etc.)

1. Payment Method: VISA/MC/JCB/DINERS/DISCOVER/AMEX and more…

2. Approval Ratio: 70%-80%(depend on transaction volume quality).

3. Processing Area: we provide global service

4. Gateway Type: 3D/non-3D

5. Descriptor: general descriptor/Custom descriptor.

6. Processing Currency: over 120 currencies.

*if interested, please get back to us. Get approved today

*Integration onboarded within 1/2 days.

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